Stavne Center for Work and Competence is a municipal enterprise with its own board and articles of association. The board has seven representatives, whereof five are appointed by the City Council and two by the employees at Stavne Center for Work and Competence.

Stavne Center for Work and Competence arranges measures and programmes for the local employment office, NAV Arbeid, and undertakes assignments and provides social services for Trondheim local authority according to contracts signed by the parties. Stavne Center for Work and Competence also runs several projects on assignment for the Directorate of Health and Social Affairs.

Stavne Center for Work and Competence is a special labour market and rehabilitation centre for young adults who have difficulties obtaining and holding a job in ordinary working life. Stavne Center for Work and Competence works with the target group of socially and vocationally challenged persons, including people who have fallen or been on the wrong side of the law, are dealing with psychosocial, emotional or substance abuse problems, or are experiencing social difficulties due to their financial, housing or network situation.

The measures used include on-the-job training, diagnostic courses, supervision of social and vocational rehabilitation of individual participants, process-oriented group work, courses/education and recreational activities. On-the-job training takes place at special workplaces at the centre or at external workplaces in cooperation with employers in ordinary working life. The internal on-the-job training workplaces at Stavne are workshop and production enterprises in sales of goods and services, including a carpentry workshop, department for the recycling of building materials, café, cafeteria, graphic printer's workshop, light work on cars and a seamstress and design department. The enterprise also has several special programmes aimed at persons suffering from substance abuse and a limited number of permanent placements for persons on disability insurance.

The main objective of the enterprise is to qualify participants for an ordinary job or education. The methodology used at Stavne Center for Work and Competence focuses on comprehensive supervision of the participants in labour-market programmes. This gives results, and other municipalities are beginning to take notice of our success.

There are around 300 placements for participants at Stavne Center for Work and Competence. The average age of the participants is around 26, with a ratio of 70 percent men to thirty percent women.

The staff at Stavne comprises 70 full-time equivalents, where the personnel have a broad range of professional, vocational, social and educational expertise. The enterprise also has a number of partners in the public and private sectors.

The main centre of Stavne Center for Work and Competence is situated in the centre of Trondheim, just across from Lerkendal football stadium. The enterprise also has several departments in seven locations around Trondheim.



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